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About Heather Keeler

Equity isn’t just a job for Heather Keeler, it’s been her life's work.


As an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe with lineage to Eastern Shoshone, Heather is the daughter of parents who spent their careers fighting for equity. Being a mom of two boys, DJ and Elliott, is Heather's first and favorite hat to wear in this world. Heather’s a mom who wants to firmly look her boys in the eyes and tell them she did everything she could to make this world a better place for them and the next generations. 


Her formal educational training started with an associate’s degree in Marketing from Southeast Tech in Sioux Falls, SD. From there, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Project Management then earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, both from MSUM. 


Heather has 25 years of experience addressing inequities in areas of healthcare, education and community engagement. She worked in healthcare to reduce health disparities through cultural holistic prevention plans and community connection. In November 2020, she was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives and is currently serving in her second term, being the first Indigenous Queer woman elected from Greater Minnesota.

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